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The Abacas™ Exchange – Any Asset Anywhere Anytime!


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Traditional Securities, Digital & Tokenized Assets, Fiat & Cryptocurrencies

An Unopinionated Digital Asset Exchange DEX

A Liquidity Network

List, Trade, Invest, or Make Markets

Regulated, Secure, Transparent and Decentralized

Build your own Tradable Portfolios

Direct Asset Barter

Democratizing Financial Markets Globally


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Reduce your Risk

Imagine Abacas!

Imagine bartering assets in a single transaction.

Imagine a world with less friction and lower costs.

Imagine a world with greater transparency and accountability.

Imagine being able to monetize virtually any asset you own.

Imagine seamless, compliant execution across asset classes and jurisdictions.

Imagine paying with any asset in your wallet on your terms.

Imagine infinite investment possibilities at your fingertips!

Imagine being part of a global Investment Community.


That’s right, in one single transaction.

Imagine that!

Imagine Abacas – Any Asset Anywhere Anytime!

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Reduce your Costs

The Abacas™ Team

Meet the people behind Abacas™

Vince Small
Vince Small is the CTO of Abacas. He is a technology entrepreneur and co-founded Financial Software Systems (FSS) in 1992, which was sold to ION Trading in 2012. With a proven track record to take an idea from conception to a multi-million dollar business, it is Vince’s business acumen, experience and technical expertise that sets Abacas’ technical leadership apart. Vince developed the financial services application Spectrum, which is a front to back platform used by wholesale banks, brokers and Wealth Management banks. Spectrum supports cross asset, end-to-end transaction processing, including FX, Interest Rates, Fixed Income and Commodities.
Mark Vanroon
Mark is a serial inventor and product developer with over 20 years experience in banking and digital banking. He founded Midpoint www.midpoint.com [formerly BuyFX Ltd], an FX service delivery firm; holds a USPTO for a multiparty matching algorithm; & was global head of product development for RBC Dexia IS, an international custodian bank. Since 2013, he has focused his attention on digital value and data transfer.
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Stoyan Vlahovski specialises in Social Media marketing, with a focus on Facebook Ads. He is experienced in Blogging, Wordpress, Email and Affiliate Marketing, understanding not only the tools but the strategies to drive community growth. As a Campaign Manager at INTEGR8 he participated in numerous successful marketing campaigns. Stoyan is the organizer of Young Entrepreneurs Berlin MeetUp group which is a community of young, motivated and ambitious entrepreneurs. He has high interest in business-related topics and listens to no less than 4 Audiobooks a week (or the equivalent in podcasts).

Stoyan Vlahovski

Our Community Manager


Our Advisory™

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Mohan Gandhi Ponnaganti is leading White hat hacker and Cyber security expert in Crypto currency space. He currently heads a team of 20 white hat hackers and helps many ICOs to launch tokens securely. Mohan helps over 100+ Fintechs across the globe to improve their app security quotient. He is a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and a Computer Science Engineer with a decade of experience in offensive security. Mohan authored numerous research papers on Cyber security and one of his research projects awarded as the Best Out coming Research Work by Pentagram Research. Mohan had breached into a total of 450 websites in a single day, as part of the elite Orchid-7 team as a teenager. "CG Mittal Entrepreneur of the year" awardee and also a "Top 50 smart CEO in India". He is a crypto investor and a smart contract expert.
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Dr. Dylan Attwell-Duval is a number theorist with a PhD in Mathematics from McGill University.With his expertise in discrete mathematics (the language of cryptography), Dylan translates abstract theory from academia into algorithms that can be used by the Abacas team in the following areas - multiparty matching, consensus algorithms, automated market making and ZKP [zero knowledge proofs]. Dylan is Abacas’ fact-checker, analyst and mathematical validator.
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Jean-Baptiste Cebe is the Chief Technical Officer CTO of Seekers Capital Group, an asset management company. He has spent most of his career on a trading floor as head of trading technology, as a quantitative strategy developer and previously as a software engineer for IMC Trading, a leading high-frequency market maker. He is an ethical hacker with a passion for automation and an early follower of the blockchain space. Jean-Baptiste holds an M.Sc. in Electronics Engineering from U.T.B.M. Grande École in France and started his career joining research laboratories at the Korean Advanced Institute for Science and Technology and developing telecommunications software at a Texas Instruments research laboratory in South Korea.
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Raghunathan Muralidharan (Murali) is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Tri-Star Group. Tri-Star is an international corporation, engaged in minerals, coal seam gas, petroleum and coal exploration in Australia and the US with production entities in the US and coal seam gas joint ventures in Australia. Prior to this, Murali was Partner-in-Charge – Audit & Advisory Services, Partner – Audit Risk Management , and Partner – Ethics & Independence at KPMG, the global audit, tax and advisory services firm in Papua New Guinea. Murali is an accredited Chartered Accountant with over 20 years of experience. He is a qualified Cost Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Madras. He is also certified in Risk and Information Systems Control.
david wong 400x400 304x330 - The Abacas™ team
David Wong is a London-based entrepreneur and investor in disruptive technologies and previously Managing Director of Expadis Capital. Prior to becoming an investor, he co-founded a publicly traded technology and media company. David has extensive experience in building, advising technology companies and helping businesses scale internationally. David started out as a client of Midpoint. He subsequently invested in the Company and joined the Board of Directors. David holds a BSc (Hons) in Engineering from the University of Liverpool and MA (Distinction) in Management from the University of Brighton.
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Dan Raykhman is a FinTech veteran, entrepreneur, inventor, and mentor. He has been developing software solutions for electronic trading in Foreign Exchange and other financial markets for years. He was a founder and CTO of first retail currency ECN - ChoiceFX. It was acquired by Currex Group in 2010. At Curex Dan became the head of new product and IP, concentrating on designing ETFs and other financial products. Dan has an extraordinary background in trading with a focus on financial products, connectivity, risk, and high-frequency trading. He is considered a thought leader in electronic trading of fiat and cryptocurrencies. He was awarded two patents in the field of fintech technologies and has five more patents pending.

Trade Securely
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Direct Asset Barter
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