24/01/2018 mvanroon

AbacasXchange adds key Capital Markets Technology Advisor to the team

AbacasXchange adds Capital Markets Technology Advisor to the team

In preparation for our upcoming token event and in concert with the build of the AbacasXchange,  Abacas has added a key advisor, Capital Markets Technologist & Chief Technology Officer, Seekers Capital Group, Jean-Baptiste Cebe.

Jean-Baptiste Cebe is the CTO of Seekers Capital Group, an asset management company. He has spent most of his career on a trading floor as head of trading technology, as a quantitative strategy developer and previously as a software engineer for IMC Trading, a leading high-frequency market maker. He is an ethical hacker with a passion for automation and an early follower of the blockchain space.

Jean-Baptiste holds an M.Sc. in Electronics Engineering from U.T.B.M. Grande École in France and started his career joining research laboratories at the Korean Advanced Institute for Science and Technology and developing telecommunications software at a Texas Instruments research laboratory in South Korea.

JB brings a wealth of experience to Abacas and will work closely with Vince Small, AbacasXchange CTO to ensure the success of the AbacasXchange.


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