What is Abacas™?

What problems is Abacas™ solving?

What are Asset Backed CoinS (ABCS)?

How does the transaction process work?

How is Abacas™ an improvement to the current environment?

What solutions does Abacas™ offer asset purveyors?

Is Abacas™ creating a fiat currency?

How is the value of Asset Backed CoinS (ABCS) determined?

How does Abacas™ create a digital asset from a physical asset?

How will I know that my ABCS is backed by an asset?

What is the difference between Abacas™ and others claiming to provide asset-backed products?

What are the benefits and risks of trading digitally with Abacas™versus traditional methods?

Who has control of the underlying asset with Abacas™?

How does Abacas™ value the digital assets? Does it track the underlying asset closely?

If you can have an Asset-Backed Coin for a basket of assets how does Abacas™ value it?

How many units of trade are included in a tokenized asset?

Does Abacas™ permit High Frequency Trading?

How does Abacas™ fit with the current financial world?

Is Abacas™ a regulated entity?

What has Abacas™ done to ensure it is compliant and with government approval process?

Why now for Abacas™?

Explain the technology behind Abacas™ and Asset-Backed Coins (ABCs)?

Who developed Abacas™?

When will the Abacas™ exchange be operational?

For further information please contact

Mark VanRoon, Founder & Head of Product Development


Tel: + 44 (0) 2032 860499

Twitter: @abacasXchange

LinkedIn: AbacasXchange

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