What is Abacas?

What problems is Abacas solving?

Why does Abacas need Blockchain?

What are Asset Backed CoinS (ABCS)?

What is Fulfilled by Abacas?

Why can't another currency or cryptocurrency be used as a native payment token? For example, USD or ETH.

How does the transaction process work?

How is Abacas an improvement to the current environment?

What solutions does Abacas offer asset purveyors?

Is Abacas™ creating a fiat currency?

How is the value of Asset Backed CoinS (ABCS) determined?

How does Abacas create a digital asset from a physical asset?

How will I know that my token is backed by an asset?

What is the difference between Abacas™ and others claiming to provide asset-backed products?

What are the benefits and risks of trading digitally with Abacas versus traditional methods?

Who has control of the underlying asset with Abacas?


How does Abacas value the tokenized assets? Does it track the underlying asset closely?

If you can have a token for a basket of assets how does Abacas value it?

How many units of trade are included in a tokenized asset?

Does Abacas permit High Frequency Trading?

How does Abacas™ fit with the current financial world?

Is Abacas a regulated entity?

What has Abacas done thus far to ensure it is compliant with regulators?

Why now for Abacas?

Explain the technology behind Abacas and Asset-Backed Coins (ABCs)?

Who developed Abacas?

When will the Abacas™ exchange be operational?

How can I reach out to Abacas?


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